The power of multiple DNS firewalls, combined to work in real-time harmony. Sum your favorite DNS service’s results into a concerto of a firewall power-house.


A security ecosystem designed from first-principles on a Zero Trust philosophy.

This True Proactive approach proves to be immune against advanced attacks (such as the Solar Winds breach and Pegasus etc.) by killing attacks BEFORE they were able to execute and BEFORE they were detected by the world’s best current SASE solutions.

Key Features:
  • ZTc Practically Implementable.
  • True Proactive System: Effective protection against unknown threats without the need for detection.
  • Attack surface reduction to near Zero. (>7000:1)
  • Kills C2 attack channels.
  • Eliminate Data Exfiltration vectors.
  • Mitigate the Human Factor. Phishing & Smishing vectors destroyed.
  • Shadow IT cleanup simplified. Default Deny All posture of ZTc.
  • IoT and Control Tech Friendly. No endpoint agent needed.
  • Circumvention protection.
  • Encryption Friendly. Privacy & Security maintained.
  • Distributed Custodial Protection. No centralized proxy.
  • Decentralized Performance. Centralized Control.

Yes. Zero Trust is possible on Layer2. And the consequence of this true-proactive technology is a breath of fresh air amidst the fog of legacy reactive systems that only gets you halfway there.

adam:ONE® elements

Build your adam:ONE® stack just the way you want it. The adam:ONE® caching resolver is a fully customizable technology platform. Multiple modules are combined to build your security stack just the way you want it.

The Secret Ingredient

adam:ONE® is a SASE solution based on design from First Principles. It allows for flexible edge deployment that can travel with the device. Amongst a myriad of wins for security admins that want a practical Zero Trust posture, some of the core elements that make it unique are:

  • Muscle-Brain Hybrid configuration.
  • ZTc (Zero Trust connectivity) AI driven dynamic Allowlisting.
  • Solid Egress Control through patented Don’t Talk to Strangers (DTTS)® technology.
  • Threat Intelligence Aggregation of DNSharmony®.

Re-shape the posture of the entire Internet to Zero Trust for any asset, one connection at a time.