Hi there. We’re excited to say that our products and team matured to a level that we’re birthing a new brand to do it justice. We don’t mind you looking around while we’re busy putting all the pieces together… Please excuse the mess while we’re at it! We’re glad you’re here and we’re excited to show you what amazing things ADAM has to share with the world.

Visit our development brand at DNSthingy.com.


The power of multiple DNS firewalls, combined to work work in real-time harmony. Sum your favourite DNS service’s results into a concerto of a firewall power-house.

A gift to the world from what we have. We’re offering part of our technology on a freemium and Open Source model to the security community packaged as DNSharmony: an on-premise DNS caching forwarder that harmonizes answers from multiple upstream services by consensus.

This allows you to sum the power of multiple public DNS filters to function in harmony and combines the power of all of them. Flexible controls are included to allow users to customize how this protects the people they care about.