adam:ONE® elements

Build your adam:ONE® stack just the way you want it. The adam:ONE® caching resolver is a fully customizable technology platform. Multiple modules are combined to build your security stack just the way you want it.

Shape your security posture with fully customizable modules. All policies can be applied on a per-device basis.


The power of unity.
Threat intelligence aggregation facilitated by the adam:ONE® ecosystem.
Net result: The world’s best threat intelligence - by allowing the network admin the power of combining the world’s top threat intelligence sources on demand.

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Don’t Talk to Strangers (DTTS)®

Trap your attackers. Shut them down WITHOUT the need of detection.
(European, US and Canadian patents 2020).
Zero Trust Egress control that denies all outbound IP connections unless verified by an approved DNS lookup. This bullet proofs DNS based filtering to prevent circumvention by direct IP connections; advanced circumvention tools like Psiphon / TOR; or systemic failure of DNS based filtering by VPNs, DoH and DoT.

The net result is preventing all C2 malware that use direct outbound connections as part of the attack vector from executing. As well as providing immunity against data extortion by preventing exfiltration of data from the protected network.

ZTc Adaptive AI Dynamic Allowlisting

The Phish killer. Minimize your attack surface to near-zero.
ZeroTrust connectivity made practical through use of AI. The verified asset starts with a default Deny All policy and is presented with a block page to trigger the connection request. An adaptive allow list is dynamically built as the AI verifies the safety of the requested domains. All dependencies for websites are checked against an AI graph. Connection requests are either automatically allowed, denied, or sent for human inspection based on the graph score.

Allowed connections are automatically added to the dynamic allowlist and assets verified to the same node have access to connections from the same list. The same rule could be shared between other subscribed adam:ONE® nodes. This dynamic rule can be maintained by AI verification, or collapsed by temporal triggers once the need for access expired.

Primarily used for protecting HVAs with emphasis on mission critical security.

ZTc Reflex AI Dynamic Allowlisting

Zero Trust for the real world.
Realtime ZeroTrust connectivity decisions based on categorized AI-driven threat intelligence. The verified asset starts with a default Deny All policy that is dynamically shaped against pre-set domain category decisions as connection requests occur. All DNS requests are checked automatically against the Reflex Decision Engine - which is customizable on a per-device, per-policy basis.

This eliminates the delay associated with ZTc Adaptive AI between connection requests and verification, as decisions are done on a real time reflex basis of the Reflex Policy. Conflict resolutions between overlapping categorizations are also handled by preset preferences for the specific reflex policy.

Primarily used for protecting HVAs with emphasis on fast human experience.


Don’t trust. Verify.
User Based Authentication module through integration with 802.1x
All connected assets to adam:ONE® are visible through automatic inventory based on hardware identification by default. A default Zero Trust policy assignment automatically places the asset in a quarantine state until verified by the admin and assigned the proper policy.

UBA allows assets to be authenticated by user vs hardware, and allows for policy assignments to automatically apply to the verified user.


Walk in the Light.
Zero Trust connectivity protection for HVA Mobile devices. adam:GO™ is a security stack applied to mobile devices by incorporating MDM, Apple ABM and adam:ONE® dedicated cloud exit enforced onto the device by encrypted tunnel.

The net result: Immunity to Pegasus Forced Entry* and other APTs are achieved via the ZeroTrust connectivity established through DTTS® and ZTc Adaptive AI Allowlisting of adam:ONE® in a dedicated cloud exit. *(This was achieved even before the threat became known).