Code of Ethics

Placeholder Code of Ethics 2024-07-04

ADAMnetworks® carries a deep-held conviction that all the technology we develop should only be used for good. Our primary aim is to protect people and we are committed to only allow our technologies to be used in a way that upholds this objective.

We understand that any technology can be used by different entities with intent that goes against the primary aims of the developer. It is for this reason that we delineate clearly between what our technologies may be used for and what it may not.

Under no circumstances will ADAMnetworks® technologies be used for or be associated with any entity who participates in:
  • Illegal Purposes: either directly or indirectly as part of any illegal activity or enterprise;
  • Sexual Content: Production, hosting or distributing Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse or any Sexual Exploitation of any kind;
  • Violence & Hatred: promotion of terrorism, violence, expressed hatred or any other human rights abuse;
  • Oppression & Injustice: the technology may not be used to perpetrate injustice, oppression and violation of God-given rights and freedoms;
  • Harmful Content: the technology may not be used in support of content that could cause harm towards people. E.G.: The promotion of suicide, snuff films (real or synthetic) or any other content that has reasonable grounds to attribute cause of psychological harm;
  • Slavery & Exploitation: Slavery or any form of injustice involving exploitation of victims by force coercion or addiction.
  • General Malice: Any entity who’s intent or actions represent reasonable grounds to attribute cause of harm to people.

Within the constraints of all legal and licensing requirements as put forth in other agreements and this document, ADAMnetworks® technologies may be used for:
  • Protecting people.
  • Protecting against cyber threats
  • Protecting systems and infrastructure that people rely on.
  • Protecting people against harmful online content.
  • Protecting privacy and blocking illegal surveillance.
  • Protecting innovation and workplace productivity.
  • Protecting human rights and freedoms.

ADAMnetworks reserves the right to apply these standards as it sees fit and, in its sole discretion reserves the right to refuse service or revoke the Licensed Technology Partner status of any reseller that violates this code of ethics.

By adhering to these ethical standards, ADAMnetworks® seeks to ensure that our technology remains a positive force, dedicated to the protection of people and their systems as they live and interact online.

We protect people.™