The users that love us, love us a lot! We’ve created a model to allow blessing to flow back to those that promote us. Create and ambassador account, and once you reach 10 new subscribers, revenue from a portion of those 10 subscriptions (and all additional subscriptions thereafter) will flow right back into your account.

There are multiple levels of being an ambassador. Simply put, the more subscribers you add, the higher your revenue percentage.

  • 10 subscribers: Like a boss! 10%
  • 100 subscribers: Serious Mojo. 20%
  • 1000 subscribers: An Ambassadorial superpower. 30%


If you’re a Managed Service Provider or an Internet Service Provider, we’d love to enhance your success in serving your clients by becoming part of your toolkit. Here’s what makes you different from an adam:ONE Ambassador.

  • MSPs take on first level support
  • MSPs actively serve their clients with managed service.

Here’s what we offer to MSP/ISPs implementing adam:ONE:

  • 30% revenue share that kicks into gear the day you brought 10 business subscriptions.
  • All MSPs get a dual branded dashboard. This allows you and your clients to log into controls with your Branding included in the user experience.

We love MSPs. Let’s go change the world!


If you’re an industry superpower, and you’d like to build our technology into your service offering, we would gladly enable you to do that. Multiple aspects of the adam:ONE offering are individually packaged and available as adam:ELEMENTS: You pick and choose what parts of the technology you’d like to implement, and we get to work with your team to make that happen! We’ve partnered with industry giants that are currently running adam:ELEMENTS in complement with what makes their service offering special with roaring success. We love that, and their clients do too.


The complete adam:ONE package is available as a white label called: adam:GHOST.

  • Integrate our technology into your own billing system.
  • You have control to provide your own support, with backup from our white label support elements.
  • Flexibility to create your own subscription models.

Our technology could empower you to write your own rules for Internet Security. We like making this world a better place and we know your clients will enjoy that too.