If you’re like us and you discovered something amazing, you’d want to share it with others. We’ve created a model to allow blessing to flow back to those who help us reach more people that want to protect what’s valuable to them. With an Ambassador account revenue from a portion of linked subscriptions (and all additional subscriptions thereafter) will flow right back into your account.

The more subscribers you add, the higher your revenue percentage.

  • 10 subscribers: Like a Boss! 10%
  • 100 subscribers: Serious Mojo. 20%
  • 1000 subscribers: An Ambassadorial Superpower. 30%

MSSP | IR Team

If you’re a Managed Security Service Provider or Incident Response team, we’d love to enhance your toolkit with ZTc. Here’s what differentiates you from an adam:ONE® Ambassador:

  • MSSPs | IRTs take on first level support.
  • MSSPs | IRTs actively serve their clients with managed security / IR service.

Here’s what we offer to MSSP|IRTs implementing adam:ONE®:

  • 30% revenue share that kicks into gear the day you brought on 10x commercial subscriptions including all modules required for ZTc.

We love MSSPs and our frontline IR warriors. Let’s go change the world!


We play well with others. If you’re an industry superpower, and you’d like to build our technology into your service offering, we would gladly explore that avenue. Multiple aspects of the adam:ONE® offering are individually packaged and available as adam:ONE® elements. You pick and choose what parts of the technology you’d like to implement, and if we see a fit, we’d get to work with your team to make that happen!

ISP / Mobile Carrier

Extend your service offering to clients to gain the advantage of ZTc. adam:ONE® can be applied to your network edge to extend your service offering to your clients as subscription ad-ons or dedicated APN. adam:ONE® is scalable and the technology was designed to serve 1 Billion users.