Service Packages

Home Onboarding: L0 - L1 Support Onboarding *
US $150

* Applicable for Home Use only.

  • Basic registration & onboarding for home use.
  • Self help welcome package.
  • Confirmation of operation.
MSP Pre-Configuration: L2 Support Onboarding *
US $500

* Applicable to Licensed MSPs only.

  • Include standard single VLAN pfSense to online operations.
  • Pre-Configure adam:ONE™.
Commercial Onboarding: L1 - L3 Support Onboarding
US $3500
up to 3 hours
services included
  • Bring adam:ONE™ online.
  • adam:ONE™ operation training + onboarding.
  • Provisioning for 3rd party systems integration.
  • Network application & routing confirmation.
  • Secured port forwards and firewall rules.
  • Basic security confirmation.
  • Circumvention protection confirmation.

Priority Support Package
US $1200 / year
  • Priority support (phone, text or email).
  • Extends standard support that is included with technology subscriptions to priority status. *(this falls below MSS level priority status).

NOTE: All technology subscriptions include access to self-help online support, the knowledge base, online training resources and the ADAM support community.

Incident Based Support
US $395 / incident
  • Live Engineer / Product Specialist Support
  • Per Incident basis.
  • Max 3 hours / incident
  • *Requires Commercial Onboarding Package to access this service.